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Explore a part of Maniva Ski Resort that is normally unseen by the average skier.
Have you ever thought the emotion of walking in the middle of a snowy forest with snowshoes, which graze the ground, leaving the sign of your passage? indelible emotions, moments of great harmony between you and the pristine nature of our valleys.

maniva ski nordic walking
Nordic Walking

Nordic walking is walking with poles. This helps to reduce joint strain and fatigue while also involving upper body muscles. Poles provide support and can help while crossing logs and rocks.
This activity is a total body workout, involving 90% of your body's muscles; is low impact; and burns 40% more calories than walking alone.


maniva ski winter activity

Maniva Ski resorts know that families are looking for more than ski trails and lessons when they go on a winter vacations and more and more of them now offer myriad fun winter activities. Here in Maniva we think of the needs of families. To welcome and hotel facilities with tailored services, ski passes and ski lessons at special rates.

maniva ski winter activities

You don’t have to know how to ski to head down the mountain at top speeds. Our Ski Resort offer tubing or sledding hills where kids of all ages can safely and comfortably enjoy a thrilling ride (and many of them have carpet lifts or rope tows that carry riders to the top, so little legs won’t get tired).

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