Hiking and Trekking Trials. Enjoy your holiday

maniva your little paradise into the Alps. Live the emotion


In Maniva, you’ll experience an unforgettable holiday in the forests, near the peaks and wide, scenic vistas; all you need is a pair of climbing boots and a backpack. All the rest is here, in Maniva, exciting excursions.

The mountains of High Valle Trompia, as always, have a great fascination for all lovers of hiking. The proof of this are the many shelters that you encounter along the way and that offer refreshment to those who follow the many marked trails. Local hiking associations have studied and signposted over 70 tracks that are connected to the main 3V path (path 3 valleys), offering nature lovers, many opportunities to spend time outdoors and enjoy the beauty of unusual scenarios.

maniva ski summer experience hiking
maniva ski summer experience hiking
maniva ski summer experience hiking


Given the perennial need to cross the mountains and the valleys to carry out various activities connected with agriculture and husbandry, in Maniva there is a good network of footpaths. These routes, have now become increasingly popular with hikers, climbers and mountain bikers.


The High Valtrompia Mountain Community today places a variety of instruments at the disposal of visitors, enabling them to get the most out of this network of ancient trails. The guidebooks describing the trails spread out across the high Valtrompia.


When designing the signage system, particular attention was given to hikers’safety. All signposts found on the Maniva mountain trails are clearly mapped and individually coded. In case of necessity, hikers can relay their position to the rescue stations simply.

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